If you are caught up in the NFT craze… you aren’t alone in being upset at the price of Gas fees for the ether network. How can you spend less gas and still be part of the NFT game?

We’ve found the solution to be deploying NFTs on the Matic / Polygon network. The average cost to make an NFT there is only a couple cents and a similar amount of gas transfers it as well. In this way, even super low cost items can be represented by digital deeds.

Take the example of www.NiftyLocker.com – they issue NFTs both as ether items and on the Polygon chain. Both types of NFTs show up on opensea.io so that users can see them alongside their other holdings.

Deploying on Polygon isn’t as easy as just making an item on Opensea. But, we can help. Contact us to arrange for the deployment of a custom smart contract so you can make your own items without paying high gas fees.

Could it really be possible to print 100,000 pages on a single inkjet printer?

Certainly in the past we’ve had problems with getting almost any printer past the 50,000 page mark. We’ve tried a lot of HP models, some Canon and even Epson but none have ever gone the distance for us. It can be rather annoying to assume it will work… only to find out it doesn’t.

Finally however, we’ve hit the big time. Using an HP 452dw, we achieved 100,000 pages of trouble free printing. Then it broke. But more on that later.

Our pagewide prints extremely fast. The print head is the width of the entire page so the paper moves under the head, instead of the head moving. 30 pages a minute in color is commonplace. The only time it slows down is when there is a lot of ink on a single page. It also does duplex quickly.

We’ve been using the printer to print pages in one side color. Then we move the paper to an HP 9050 and print the black side with toner. Finally, we fold the pages to make our little newsletters.

About a week ago, our pagewide hit the 100,000 page mark. We were ecstatic. Then… at about 102,000 pages it started to white band the black layer. That, is rather annoying. We are working on print head cleaning and such now. It appears to be the same problem that plagued the 452’s predecessor. We’re still hopeful to coax another few thousand pages out of this printer. But chances are… if it is the same problem as the original pagewides, it won’t be fixable.

In the meantime though… we are still celebrating 100,000 pages.

A few weeks back, we took a course on how to arrest shoplifters the legal way. One of the many tips was that you have at least one pair of handcuffs available at your store – and preferably two. We went looking for what would be the best handcuffs to have… and found pink!

I mean you can get black or silver… but to truly demoralize the criminal who has been stealing from you I fully recommend using neon pink handcuffs. As an added benefit, when you turn the criminal over to the police there will be no confusion about which pair of handcuffs they need to return to you.

See if these don’t make your next arrest an even better time!

Its one of Canada’s most trusted marketplaces. And its also one of the hardest to access as a seller – we’re talking about Walmart.ca

EBay and Amazon can give anyone a start in e-commerce. In fact, each have millions of sellers registered that mostly compete on the same items.

But many consumers EBay is for used or damaged goods. Others are tired of the long delivery times when they use Amazon and a Chinese vendor. What if there was a trusted platform for new products with great delivery times? Someplace where sellers where vetted before they ever appeared?

There is – its on Walmart.ca

Walmart’s online platform is an invitation only service. You must be invited to sell. You must offer amazing customer service. You must offer same day shipping. And you must comply with over 40 pages of rules – including Walmart specific mandatory training courses.

But the rewards are little competition – and loyal customers.

What if you need your product on Walmart.ca but can’t meet all the criteria? Or… can’t even get invited. Fear not – 83 North can help.

Businesses using 83 North’s fulfillment service can chose to have us list their products on Walmart.ca for them. There is no trouble and no need to update your entire system. Simply stock you product in one of our warehouses, provide listing information and we will fulfill your Walmart orders to their standards.

Will selling on Walmart.ca lead to being stocked in Walmart stores? We can’t make any promises – but being able to show solid online sales on the Walmart platform certainly won’t hurt your chances of being selected to sell at retail with the giant.

Do you want to get your product into our fulfillment center so you can start seeing the benefits of Walmart.ca listing? Call Bill at 204-734-6044 and we’ll get you started on the path to being seen on Walmart’s website.

Over the past few weeks, the price of Bitcoin has fallen. But almost everyday the phone rings with someone looking for a mining opportunity here in Manitoba. Why are they still looking even though the price is down? Because Manitoba is affordable for Bitcoin.

We generally offer two rates for mining for anyone with more than just one or two machines. In the winter when cooling costs less we charge eight cents per kilowatt hour of electricity used. In summer, that becomes ten cents.

Both prices are all inclusive – there are no setup fees and no other charges. We include space, cabling, racks and internet service. We also include initial setup, ongoing monitoring and basic change service.

It is possible to find companies in the USA offering service for less than eight cents – but its important to remember they are priced in USD, not CAD. With current exchange rates you need to find mining for less than six cents USD to compete with ours. Most of those mining companies also require large upfront payments and charge additional fees.

We offer consulting for those who want to roll their own mining operation or we can simply host your miners in our existing facilities. Head on over to http://www.Manitoba-Bitcoin-Mining.com to learn more about what we offer for cryptocurrency services.