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How to Lower Gas Fees for NFTs

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If you are caught up in the NFT craze… you aren’t alone in being upset at the price of Gas fees for the ether network. How can you spend less gas and still be part of the NFT game?

We’ve found the solution to be deploying NFTs on the Matic / Polygon network. The average cost to make an NFT there is only a couple cents and a similar amount of gas transfers it as well. In this way, even super low cost items can be represented by digital deeds.

Take the example of www.NiftyLocker.com – they issue NFTs both as ether items and on the Polygon chain. Both types of NFTs show up on opensea.io so that users can see them alongside their other holdings.

Deploying on Polygon isn’t as easy as just making an item on Opensea. But, we can help. Contact us to arrange for the deployment of a custom smart contract so you can make your own items without paying high gas fees.

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